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Eduardo Taroni Aleo



Prof. Dr. Daniel Teixeira Maldonado

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Sao Paulo-SP

Invitation to the journey

The fabric of School Physical Education, already frayed by the action of time and bad weather on Education as a whole, including as a reflection of the ills of successive governments, has an arduous task in its recomposition. We imagine that collectively assuming this task, we will be able to contribute towards the creation of the pillars to support its own existence in National Basic Education.

That is how, after countless years of attempts to create spaces for the collective construction of new perspectives on the curricular component. Physical Education and, encouraged by friendly teachers, we finally decided to create a new “locus” for the socialization of teaching knowledge centered on the skills of teachers who are dedicated to the development of the curricular component, at the most diverse levels of social intervention. For that, we ask for a license to use a paragraph from the book “Physical Education at School: teaching and action research”, by professor Mauro Betti, as an assumption of creation and orientation of this new space.


“Teachers, from reflecting on their practices, can consolidate themselves as knowledge producers, establishing a new theoretical-practical relationship between the activities undertaken in the professional practice, the teaching knowledge and the theoretical knowledge. In these terms, with reflective competence, teachers can become more autonomous in relation to the management of their own activities and school life, in addition to becoming more effective in coping with unique situations of professional practice ”(BETTI, MENDES, PIRES 2009 , p282-283).


Thus, REBESCOLAR is a democratic space for presenting successful experiences; proposals centered on the Physical Education curricular component; its innumerable possibilities of inter, trans and multidisciplinarity; report of ongoing research; research results; collection of academic production in terms of Course Conclusion Papers, Master's Dissertations, Doctoral Theses and; the most varied ways of provoking thinking in search of solutions that can cope with coping with the peculiar situations of everyday school life.


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