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Evaluation Processes

Contributions submitted for the purpose of publication in REBESCOLAR must observe the following steps and be submitted to the following evaluation process:

The author (s) must send their originals, respecting the submission rules explained on the website, through the central email of the magazine and addressed to the Editor of the Magazine, and indicates up to three members of the editorial board who would like to be evaluators of the work as long as they have no connection with the author (s) (there is no conflict of interest). The Editor of the Magazine will add to the referees selected for the evaluation of the article the name of one of the nominees.

The Editor of the magazine evaluates the material sent considering the scope of the magazine, adequacy to the publication rules and, in case of adequacy, forwards the document, without identification of the authors and institution, to the members of the editorial board (at least three).

In the event that there is no thematic adequacy or misunderstanding regarding the publication rules, the document is returned to the author (s) for reformulation or, due to the complete inadequacy of the topic, considered disapproved for publication (in this case the Editor consults, before negative, two members of the editorial board).

Texts deemed appropriate by the Editor are forwarded by e-mail to three members of the editorial board, a document without the authors' names or any other possibility of identifying them. Likewise, the members of the board do not know the other referees for the same document. Along with the document follows the standardized evaluation form.

The reviewers, after evaluation, forward their comments and suggestions and the indication as to whether to publish, forward for review or reject the publication. The opinion of the three members will determine whether or not the article is accepted.

Comments on the article, by all reviewers, are organized by the Editor and forwarded to the author (s) for reformulation and re-presentation.

The Journal reserves the right to make normative, orthographic and grammatical changes, in order to maintain the cultured standard of the language, respecting the style of the authors.

Final step is the submission for publication with a communication to the author (s) regarding the edition in which the work will be included.

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