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Guidelines for Authors

Criteria for submission of articles and other publications

As part of the submission process, authors are required to verify compliance for all items listed below.

Submissions that do not comply with the rules will be returned to the authors.


· Papers must be submitted in Word text format, with Times New Roman font, size 12, spacing 1.5, margins (all) 2.5 and A4 paper; to the email address:

Articles must have an abstract in Portuguese (mandatorily) and an abstract in a foreign language in one of the following options: English (preferably), or Spanish. Delivery without the abstract in the second language will NOT be decisive for the appraisal by the referees: Text of the abstract with 150 words:


· To ensure anonymity in the evaluation process, the author must submit two separate files:


· A file containing, ONLY, the full title of the article, name of the author or authors (up to a limit of four), title of the authors, identification of the main linking institution and e-mail of the person responsible for sending.


A second file with the complete work ONLY WITH the full title of the article (omitting the name of the author or authors, the institution or any other citation that allows their identification).


Papers will be accepted for consideration assuming they are unpublished and have not been sent to other journals.


· For the presentation of the article, use the norms of the nominal ABNT.


· Colored illustrations (graphs and figures) will be accepted. The photographs must be sent in ".jpg" and ".gif" format in a maximum size of 40 kb and if it is possible to identify people, forward their authorization for publication.


· The insertion of authors in the references must be identical to that of the citation in the text.


Use a capital letter, with Times New Roman font, size 14, in bold in the CHAPTER TITLES, INTRODUCTION, FINAL CONSIDERATIONS AND REFERENCES.

Quantitative limits

- Scientific article (10 to 25 pages),


- Experience report: (15 pages),


- Scientific communication: texts that represent points of view, notes and comments consistent with the purposes of the magazine (4 to 7 pages),


- Review (2 to 3 pages).


To submit papers, the author must send an email to , observing the guidelines for authors

Heads up


Shipping by

May 10 and approved until June 10

September 10 and approved until October 10

January 10 and approval until February 10

Publication forecast

July Edition

November Edition

March Edition

REBESCOLAR will have a quarterly publication with the limits for the possible insertion of articles submitted within the following limits:

The Editors will communicate, in advance, any necessary changes to the document that were requested by the evaluators and that must be observed for publication or new submission, as a result of the evaluations.

The routing of works is, therefore, of CONTINUOUS FLOW.


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